Round head rubber dumbbell


Round head rubber dumbbell

Round head rubber dumbbells feature a typical round-shaped head and nicely contoured chrome grips. The rubber heads of DBR002 are protected by a layer of thick, impact-resistant virgin rubber that forms a barrier between the dumbbell infrastructure and the floors and equipment surrounding it, protecting both from stress and impact.


Roundhead Rubber Dumbbell


The roundhead rubber dumbbell offered by Yanre Fitness is a perfect choice for any kind of fitness space. They are equally great for home and professional gyms. They are applicable to any garage gym, personal fitness space, fitness training center of a hotel or resort, or sports club. 

They have different sizes of handles to fit any hand. They have handles of different sizes for different weights according to the fitness levels of males and females. Smaller weights for small fitness levels and larger ones for heavier exercises. 

They are ideal in space management over the racks. So, they can be stored on saddle racks horizontally and on the tray placements that are meant for the dumbbells with round heads. We make sure that the handles are manufactured with great quality from start to finish. 

They have a knurling stamp with a fine grade to ensure a good grip so that any kind of exercise can be performed. They do not chip off, flake, peel off, or corrode due to being finely chrome-plated. Their handles are poured into the holes of pre-cast iron on the end of every dumbbell. 

Then they are finely welded so that they do not loosen up from their heads at any point during use. The heads of the dumbbells get overly molded with high-quality rubber. The coating of rubber lowers the effect of bad smell. 

In the end, weight numbers are engraved upon them with clear markings that are easily identifiable. This process of their complex manufacturing results in heavy-duty dumbbells of the highest quality and durability. They fit in any kind of fitness space and turn into a secure investment in the long run for any gym owner, trainer, or a fitness enthusiast. 

Key Features:

  • The design of their handles is comfortable and offers a firm and secure grip.
  • Prepared with high-quality cast iron with rubber coating. 
  • They do not slip or wear and are comfortable.
  • Iron in a pure form is used in their manufacturing. 
  • Ideal for upper body training and arm exercises. 
  • Medium knurling on sleek handles to give a safe and easy grip. 
  • Weight numbers engraved on rubber on each side of the dumbbells are easily identifiable. 
  • Chrome-plated to resist being chipped off, flaked, peeled off, or corroded to provide better durability.


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