Multicolor PU Bumper Plate


Multicolor PU Bumper Plate

Multicolor PU Bumper Plates are really smooth and in excellent condition, with no corrosion or sharp edges. The bumper plates may be used for a variety of activities or any fitness routine to increase calorie burn and muscle mass. ВPR002M minimizes the clanging and clattering noises that are common while working out with a barbell.


Rubber Bumper Plates (Multicolor)


  • Premium rubber encased, minimize noise, floor damage, and wear and tear on the plates themselves.
  • Low bounce and snug fit on the bar.
  • The center sleeve, made of stainless steel, allows smooth insertion of an Olympic-sized bar into the plate. It’s trimmed to let it to seamlessly integrate with the bar’s shaft.
  • The plates have been drop tested 10,000 times from 1.5m height.
  • Colored plates feature colors to help guide weight selection.


Multicolor bumper plates are easy to use & identify during a weightlifting routine. Yanre Fitness makes durable bumper plates that have a high-gauge stainless-steel construction.

The core is a 2-inch stainless-steel insert. It has a coating of sturdy & hard-wearing rubber on top. The central hole of our multicolor bumper plates is trimmed with precision. It goes on & comes off an Olympic barbell shaft seamlessly.

Yanre Fitness is one of the top-quality bumper plate manufacturers in the market. 

Our multicolor bumper plates are a highly sought-after product. They may not be the most aesthetic crumb rubber plates out there, but the performance is unmatchable.

Rubber bumper plates help the user perform a range of exercises. It includes weightlifting, flexibility training, strength & balance training, & much more.

We use high-quality crumb rubber for our bumper plates. It is a sturdy & durable material. The unique design of the steel insert with a rubber coat protects the gym floor from scratches & scuff marks.

The metal insert improves safety by decreasing the risk of getting stuck or popping out. Especially when more bumper plates are on the barbell. The metal insert also allows quick assembly of the bumper plate on the barbell shaft.

There are many bumper plate options to choose from. They vary in weight & users can pick based on their needs & preference.

Regardless of the users are powerlifters, Olympic lifters, or regular gym members. They will find our bumper plates beneficial. 

Yanre Fitness bumpers are sturdy & long-lasting, providing a total-body workout session with ease.

Our multicolor bumper plates are compatible with standard barbells. They will support any strength or weightlifting routine.

They are an invaluable asset to any commercial gym or fitness center.

Key Features:

  • Bumper plates are easy to identify due to multiple color choices.
  • Multi-Colored bumper plates are the perfect tool for muscle building & strength training.
  • The rubber topcoat keeps the noise level to a minimum.
  • The extra padding from the rubber topcoat protects the gym flooring in case of a drop.
  • Highly durable stainless steel construction.
  • The high-gauge steel construction ensures equal distribution of force. It in turn increases durability.

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