Fold Back Wall Power Rack


Fold Back Wall Power Rack


Fold Back Wall Power Rack

Wall Mounted Squat Rack Spec:

  • Frame for Weight Stack:75*75*2.5mm
  • Specification: 2.3m*63cm, 2.3m*63cm


If you are looking for a durable power rack that occupies minimum space in your gym, our Fold Back Wall Power Rack HM-201 is the best product for you! It offers all the features and support of a regular rack and can be folded upwards and outwards. This foldability gives you a lot of free space when the rack is not in use. It has a hinge folding system that smoothly moves the rack upwards and downwards. When folded, the rack gets straightened up with the wall perfectly. HM-201 offers 2 inches hole spacing that allows you to perfectly set the height during squats, deadlifts, and all other exercises. This product is designed with as easy installation as possible. Its mounting system lets you install the rack with little help and effort. It also comes with a set of stringers to provide optimal support. One of them is used for mounting the bottom hinge bracket and the other one is used to mount the top hinge bracket. 

Our HM 201 power rack is manufactured using premium quality steel pipes with laser cutting technology. The racks are powder-coated, giving them an attractive finish that is guaranteed to last a long time. It also features holes throughout the length of the rack so you never have any difficulty in adjusting the height of your workouts. 

Key Features:

  • Efficient space savings due to its folding capability
  • Can be used with a bench press
  • Holes throughout the length of the rack for efficient adjustment of barbell height
  • Offers efficient support because of its solid connection with the wall
  • Easy installation 
  • Powder-coated finish for durability and scratch resistance
  • No danger of tripping over
  • Anti-slip floor pads to prevent any damage
  • Versatile design and commercial-grade construction


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