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Push Up Board


Push-Up Boards


To attain a workout for the complete upper body the push-up board is a great tool. This amazing product will get you in the best shape as it helps you to target your back, shoulders, triceps, and chest. A combination of multiple workouts can help to burn many calories. This push-up board is foldable and makes it easy to store away. 

Push-up boards target various muscle groups of the upper body by sculpting and toning such as deltoids, lats, triceps, and pectorals. The push-up board builds strength and assists with the burning of calories, this innovative system leads to a complete body workout. 

This compactable design makes for easy storage and setup. It can be brought with you anywhere for doing upper body workouts anytime while traveling, either at home or work and gym. It can easily be stored in a bag because it is compact and lightweight. 

The handles of push-up boards slide easily in the holes on the board, this allows the handles to be secured when in use or stored away. The handles have been selected with care to assist in improving your form as well as protecting your wrists during press-ups. These handles distribute pressure evenly to your arms, leading to less stress and joint tension. They stabilize users with non-slip handles. 

The boards include a guide that shows the different colors which target a certain muscle group such as shoulders, back, chest, and triceps. Our boards have more of a push-up change now more than ever. You are now able to target various parts of muscles with a variety of press-up positions while still having interesting and fun workouts. This is good for beginners or pros. It allows for maximum endurance and complete strength for the upper body, it is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Key Features:

  • Better results from numerous positions 
  • Lightweight and foldable 
  • Handles are precision cut 
  • An effective guide that is color-coded
  • Anti-slip handles allowing a powerful grip
  • It is easy to store and use  
  • More than 10 groups of muscles worked.
  • Interesting and fun


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