Multi Smith Machine


Multi Smith Machine


Multi Smith Machine


The Smith Machine consists of a barbell that is Olympic-sized, and it is a tool used for strength training. It is horizontally fixed and has hooked carriages which move vertically on each side across the guide rods or steel rails. The smith machine is used for many types of exercises like lunges, squats, chess presses, military presses, and upright rows. 

Because there are hooks on the bar carriages, on either side, the users will be able to rack it at all positions while the bar is moving. This will allow it to be safer when a user lifts it without using a spotter. 

Being a completely functional and adjustable half rack that has J-Hooks, the HG-68 is great for safety with the spotter bars that are in front. It allows you to do free weight training as there is a place for an Olympic bar that is not fixed to it, this can be bought separately.

This is a multi-rack that has options for a dual low/high pulley that has a selected 200lbs weight stack. This makes it a completely loaded training gym that is very versatile.  

The Smith Machine that is manufactured by Yanre Strength is a multi-function machine that features an innovative design, has commercial quality components and construction, offers premium quality materials, and a feeling that most users are looking for in a commercial gym.

Key Features:

  • A unique design allowing users a natural body movement and feel
  • Half rack design that is heavyweight enclosed with a self-aligning bearing press system, and an adjustable stopper that is built-in
  • Consisting of the barbell that is fixed between steel rails, weight plates to be loaded on it
  • Smith press with a built-in bar that accommodates Olympic plates that have 2 holes 
  • Pull-up built-in bar
  • Press bar that can be stored away easily, allowing for full accessibility of other floor workouts 
  • Being versatile users can do a variety of exercises 
  • Can use it for Squats, Military presses, Rowing, Biceps curls, Bench presses, and Deadlifts. 
  • Features a unique adjustable low/high cable station design that is for dual or single-arm movements 
  • The user’s alignment of the body will remain in the correct posture during the workout with the lock bar and guide features.


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