EVA Foam Roller / Yoga Column


EVA Foam Roller / Yoga Column

This medium-intensity EVA Foam Roller or Yoga Column is firm enough to work through tight muscles while being gentle enough to be used on more sensitive areas. The smooth rings on either end of FR13 make it easier to achieve constant deep tissue release. The long-lasting strong core of this foam roller avoids damage over time, allowing user’s muscles to ease on a long term basis.


EVA Yoga Column


  • Improves balance, flexibility and strength with its heat-sealed EVA foam.
  • Repels Moisture, Bacteria and Odor.
  • Persistent non-slip surface.
  • Can be customized with ABS inner tube.


Intermediates and professionals that are familiar with foam roller training often prefer the firm or extra firm rollers over the softer foam options. If you are a beginner at foam rolling, this roller may be too firm for you! 

Dense foam is more effective in providing deep penetrating massage for myofascial release, increased blood flow, and reduced inflammation. Use your foam roller as an effective warm-up tool to promote blood flow and more efficient contraction and relaxation of the muscles. 

They are great to use before your cardio or leg workout. And after you’re done training, your roller can help decrease tension in the muscles incorporated in your workout with pinpoint accuracy. A foam roller can even be an effective tool for rehabilitation training and physical therapy.

The EVA foam rollers by Yanre Fitness can sustain their shape even after regular use in commercial gyms. Due to their additional firmness and high-density ratings, users can get the highest foam density as compared to other available foam rollers.

Both professional and intermediate gym users usually opt for firm or even extra firm foam rollers other than softer foam choices. 

Generally, dense foam tends to be quite effective when it comes to myofascial release through a deep, penetrating massage. It helps to improve blood circulation and minimizes inflammation.

Gym members can also use these foam rollers as a suitable warm-up gym accessory. Apart from improving blood flow, these rollers can also help the muscles to contract and relax properly. 

Using EVA foam rollers is highly beneficial, especially before a leg or cardio workout. On the contrary, foam rollers also prove effective after the workout. 

They can help to minimize stress and tension by targeting the muscle with pinpoint accuracy. An EVA foam roller is also an effective and viable choice for physical therapy and rehabilitation training.

The Yanre Fitness foam roller makes it possible to do self-massage and improve muscle flexibility. This minimizes the stiffness and pain when the user is not doing a workout. 

Those who do their workout regularly will love the raised areas, offering a finger-like sensation. This foam roller offers a full-body massage, which helps to recover damaged tissues through stimulation. 

The users just need to lay down and roll out their hamstrings. The foam roller serves as an ideal tool, which targets different muscles of the body and lowers stiffness or muscle pain. 

Whether the gym members are doing Pilates, yoga, cross-fit, running, or any other gym workout, the foam roller is a perfect gym accessory for them. 

The EVA foam roller is a portable and lightweight gym accessory. It serves as the best part of the daily relaxation routine for a gym member. 

Since this foam roller consists of high-density EVA foam, it offers a bounce-back technology. As a result, this foam roller won’t lose its shape even after repeated use.

Users can minimize lactic acid build-up and release muscle tension with this High-Density Hollow EVA Foam Roller by Yanre Fitness. 

Key Features:

  • Made of High-quality EVA foam 
  • With bounce-back technology, it maintains its shape and doesn’t break even after heavy usage
  • Offers complete self-massage for increased muscle flexibility and reduced pain/stiffness 
  • Portable and lightweight foam roller 
  • Serves as a perfect tool for post-workout recovery 
  • Lowers lactic acid buildup and minimizes muscle tension
  • Allows the muscles to recover fast while breaking up the scar tissues and adhesions


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