Bosu Ball


Bosu Ball

Bosu Ball is a flexible compression strength training accessory that uses an inflated, burst-resistant half dome connected to a base platform for standing, sitting, and assisted bodyweight conditioning exercises and activities. During performance training, the BS01 employs resistance rather than instability to improve strength and fitness. The high-density dome generates intense pressured resistance and prepares the body for athletic action, enhancing strength, core, and agility training.


Bosu Ball


Bosu balls have many benefits that users can have in a commercial gym. They help in regularizing the muscles to the optimum level along with creating the perfect balance in the body. They also help stabilize the core perfectly. 

They come in a special half-circle shape and are multifunctional enough to help gym users exercise while they sit or stand during their routines. 

These balls also support challenging exercises including the platform side-up or the bubble side-up positions. Also, they are excellent exercising equipment that offers an incompressible surface in a half-circle shape that is fixed with its base. 

Bosu ball is strong enough to resist the burst. The various sit and stand exercises can be performed with it along with bodyweight stimulation. These balls are resistant enough to support the weight of gym users while they train themselves for better physical strength. The users can feel the support of the strong base of its half-circle shape to become stronger and more agile. 

Users can train their core for further fitness and gain their athletic pursuits. Its highly strong base helps amateurs or older gym users to start exercising normally. Users who are going through careful physical revival can also make use of these balls. 

These benefits make these balls ideal to be included in the Pilates collection. That is because this ball is the best choice for gaining ultimate balance, improving core strength, and correcting the postures. 

Key Features:

  • A must-have for a professional gym. 
  • Built with a strong and high-quality latex-free bladder that prevents it from bursting. 
  • Its special rubber material with a double moulded dome makes it non-slip and non-marking. 
  • An excellent option for yoga exercises, Pilate accessories, and personal therapies, etc. 
  • Just by applying strength or putting the user’s weight on this ball, the gym users can gain more fitness with its counter-resistance mechanism. 
  • Strengthening the core by applying and experiencing more resistance is one of its special applications. 
  • The visible calibration on these balls helps users achieve ideal points for their resistance pull-ups. 
  • These balls improve the reflexes and promote perfect body balance along with ideal fitness to optimize the users’ walking styles. 
  • For the inflating purpose, a user just has to lie down having the platform on the upper side. Then the desired height can be achieved by pumping up the ball.


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