Lock Jaw Barbell Collars


Lock Jaw Barbell Collars


Lock Jaw Barbell Collars


  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Outer diameter:  9cm
  • Inner diameter: 50mm
  • Color: red, blue, gold, black, sliver, red
  • N.W.: 340g


Barbell lockjaw collars are an essential gym accessory for weightlifting. Yanre Fitness makes versatile lockjaw collars that ensure safety by securing the weight plates in place.

Our barbell collars have a proprietary design consistent with Olympic bars, barbell bars, & dumbbell handles. 

Barbell lockjaw collars have a framework of aluminum alloy resin with pressure pads that are injection molded.

Our barbell & dumbbell lockjaw collars are highly durable & hard-wearing. They make weightlifting sessions at the gym safer & last a long time too.

Yanre Fitness lockjaw collars are well-suited to weight plates with urethane, rubber, or enamel coating. They can be put on & taken off with one hand, making them easy to use.

The single-action locking clamp allows fast removal of the lockjaw collars & quick weight plate changes. 

It ensures stability during high-intensity lifting sessions. The quick locking clamps are an asset during drop set lifting exercises in particular.

Yanre Fitness lockjaw collars have aluminum alloy interior plugs for a firmer hold on the barbell sleeve. The sleek exterior & the new handle design gives them a professional look. Our lockjaw collars are available in pairs & fit all standard Olympic bars.

Key Features:

  • High gauge, aluminum alloy resin framework
  • Compatible with all adjustable barbells & dumbbell handles at commercial gyms
  • Easy to put on & off a barbell with one hand
  • Suitable for professional & home gyms, weight rooms, fitness studios, etc.

Advantage of Using Barbell Lockjaw Collars:

  • Lockjaw collars slide on barbells & dumbbell handles with ease. The locking clamp snaps close with a single action. Once on, these collars secure the weight plates in place & prevent them from slipping or sliding.
  • Ten times more secure than spring collars.
  • Fit standard bars of 50 mm diameter weight loading sleeves with ease.
  • Quality aluminum alloy construction & grip pads increase the durability of the collars.


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