Lock Jaw Barbell Collars


Lock Jaw Barbell Collars


Lock Jaw Barbell Collars


  • Material: Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Outer diameter: 7cm
  • Inner diameter: 50mm
  • Color: red, blue, yellow, black,gray
  • N.W.: 300g


The barbell jaw collars from Yanre Fitness will suit any type of Olympic barbell sleeves. They have a rubber lining that helps to prevent friction or scuffs. The barbell collars are durable and stable enough for weightlifters. With Yanre Fitness, all needs are met delivering only the best. 

The barbell collar is easy to assemble and disassemble with only one hand. The barbell collars are safe and convenient when changing plates or dumbbell weights. Having intense grip pads and a strong body makes our barbell collar clamps unbreakable. 

The thermoplastic elastomers provide more durability making it strong with time. The collars are also manufactured in a high-pressure process that allows for superior quality. This allows the clamps to last longer with a solid structure.

The lock collars from Yanre Fitness are used for rubber grips, cast plates, and cast grip plates. It is great to use for commercial gyms and the standard home gym. This product has been tested many times and has maximum strength for grip. It is guaranteed on a professional level.

A premium quality polyamide material is used in making the Olympic barbell clamp. It is made with an intense process. The clamps can be adjusted when the trigger is adjusted. It allows the tightness to be adjusted on the clamps. 

The clamps are released and can lock within seconds. The inner rubber maintains a perfect fit allowing the Olympic barbell to have no damage. It can be installed without effort. 

Yanre Fitness’ bar collars are great for CrossFit training. They are also good for overhead presses, deadlifts, and bench presses. They are used to tighten the bar plates. 

Key Features:

  • Provides different weight training, the buildup of muscles. More calories are burned during exercise. Favorable for gym workout programs.
  • Featuring polyamide, strong casting, a high-pressure grip pad offers durability.
  • Quick-lock and fast-release action featuring a Snap-Latch design.
  • Barbell buckle upgraded, color fast-release buckle, and dumbbell anti-drop chuck. Has a single button safety lock, it is stable, with a single button for open and close.
  • A larger lever with a spring-loaded snap latch. This ensures easy collar removal and installation during workouts.


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