Adjustable Weight Vest


Adjustable Weight Vest

Adjustable Weight Vest  are constructed from soft and breathable material stuffed with chemical- and odor- free iron sand. The well-designed pockets are convenient for storing belongings such as keys, smart phones, etc. WV02 provides progressive resistance, allowing the user to progressively increase intensity without overtaxing the joints, muscles, heart, and lungs by going too heavy.


Adjustable Weight Vest


A weight vest is an effective way to add more resistance to a workout routine. It is a versatile gym accessory that targets a variety of muscle groups in the body.

Yanre Fitness adjustable weight vest is adaptable to many types of exercises. It can be a part of strength training, cardio, CrossFit routines, including many outdoor fun activities. 

Users can wear our adjustable weight vests & perform activities like walking, running, hiking, pull-ups, chin-ups, biking, even core & suspension training. 

The extra workload makes users expend more energy during a routine, thus strengthening the target muscle groups. It helps increase the fitness levels quicker & more effectively. 

To maintain the center of gravity for each body type, a quality weight vest focuses the weight load on the upper chest & back. It, in turn, strengthens the core & abdominal muscles further.

This way, our adjustable weight vest maintains the center of gravity for each body type effectively.

Our weight training vest has the added advantage of being adjustable. It means that the users can increase the resistance levels gradually based on their fitness levels. It is better for the overall health of the users, as it prevents stress-related injuries to the body.

One of the advantages of an adjustable weight vest is the ability to accommodate most activities by fine-tuning the resistance levels.

Regardless of the type of workout routine, our core training vest brings extra versatility to it. Its use will result in expanding more calories & strengthening muscles at a much faster rate. The muscle gain will keep the body burning calories the entire day.

It is easy to tune the resistance levels by adding to the weight load. Yanre Fitness’s unique weight vest is perfect for law enforcement or military training, as well.

Our weight vests have a quality technical fabric construction to optimize performance. Once on, it fits & stays on securely. The process of adjusting the overall resistance level is easy & comfortable too.

The weight vest supports a wide range of workout routines & provides extra resistance. All without any concession to the level of comfort or ease of use.

Key Features:

  • The metal weight plates of the vest have a neoprene coating on top to make them resistant to corrosion & rust.
  • An adjustable weight vest provides a comfortable user experience without stressing the shoulders or the back.
  • The dense & thick fabric construction of the weight vest ensures durability.
  • It has a lining of a highly elastic compression sponge. That makes it shock-absorbing & enhances the safety level, as well.
  • Perfect for improving fitness & agility levels or losing extra weight.
  • It supports strength, cardio, CrossFit, & many other types of workout routines.


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