Urethane round-head curl bar (fixed weight)


Urethane round-head curl bar (fixed weight)


Urethane Round Head Barbell Fixed Weight Curl


We use solid steel heads when manufacturing the Urethane round head barbell. This barbell doesn’t consist of several individual iron plates to make a weighted end. 

The heads are torqued to the highly durable chromed steel bar. Both these parts are then secured with our proprietary locking mechanism. This particular mechanism keeps the barbell intact. 

The barbell head has a superior grade urethane coating with a black texture. 

The core consists of solid steel. Each barbell contains large numbers for easy identification. These barbells have a unique design. This allows them to bear extensive use within a commercial gym. 

You won’t see any signs of wear and tear. Hence, the urethane round head barbell can maintain its appearance for years to come. 

Since urethane can sustain high impact, it serves as a protective barrier for the barbell and gym floor. In addition, urethane is also resistant to abrasions and scratches. It keeps the barbell as new as ever.  

Urethane is much stronger than rubber. Even under a harsh environment, this urethane-coated round head barbell can continue to perform for years. 

Key Features:

  • High quality and commercial grade round-headed barbells for clubs, gyms, fitness centers, and Functional Training boxes
  • Doesn’t require maintenance. The durable steel bars are joined with the heads through a procedure known as hydraulically press-fit. Both these parts securely join each other through welding.
  • Each head receives a coating of high-quality urethane, which is also resistant to impact. 
  • Unlike rubber, urethane has a low odor. Even after years of use, the urethane coating will neither crack nor fade. This helps to prevent any kind of damage to the equipment and gym floor.
  • The perfectly designed angles on the curl bar don’t cause external rotation. This is quite common when using a straight bar.
  • These bars come with an ergonomically designed grip. It helps to activate muscles at a faster pace. Besides, you would also enjoy a perfect balance when using this round head barbell.
  • These barbells don’t make much noise. This ensures quieter workouts, especially when compared to uncoated barbells.
  • Each barbell head has an engraved weight size, which is easy to read and won’t fade away.
  • Best for strength training, body toning, and muscle building.


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