Tripgrip virgin rubber plates (black)


Tripgrip virgin rubber plates (black)


Trip Handgrips Virgin Rubber Plates Premium Quality


We use virgin rubber material for manufacturing the trip handgrips plates. Besides, these plates come with stainless steel hubs. It ensures high-end durability and reliability. 

This is why our trip handgrips plates can last longer even under tough gym conditions. For instance, you can be sure of their durability when using them in harsh climates of commercial gyms. 

These plates receive a generous coating of virgin rubber. This makes them resistant to impact. As a result, the equipment and floor or your gym will stay protected in case of frequent droppings. 

The design of these plates has three integrated handles for a secure grip. These handles are present in the 3 strategic areas. Hence, loading or unloading of the plate is easier and much safer. 

Its handle has a smaller diameter, which is suitable to use for almost every hand size. On the other hand, it also prevents any kind of injury to the fingers or palm when a user picks a plate or puts it down on the ground. 

Due to their versatility and universal size, these plates can easily fit the racks and standard Olympic bars having a 2-inch hole. 

Key Features:

  • Each of these plates comes with 3 openings with a striped pattern on them. This ensures a secure and easy grip while loading and unloading the weight plates. 
  • The trip handgrips virgin rubber plates mention the weight in bright colors. Hence, you can easily recognize the plate of your choice.
  • These plates serve as an ideal option for both endurance and strength training. The user enjoys superior balance and increased flexibility. In addition, these plates are also suitable for warming up.
  • Apart from its elegant look, this trip handgrips weight plate consists of high-quality virgin rubber. 
  • The rubber construction makes the surface of this plate waterproof and elastic. This design feature protects both the hands and the gym floor.
  • Due to its specific design, this plate is compatible with all Olympic-sized bars. Its sturdy structure contains a 2-inch center sleeve. It provides perfect contact between the bar and the plate.
  • Furthermore, the stainless steel center sleeve ensures a smooth loading of the plates. 
  • This plate features a dense and solid construction, which prevents damage even after extended use. Besides, its compact construction also lowers the chances of fractures due to high impact.
  • It is a suitable option for both experienced and amateur gym users.


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