Trigrip Rubber Plates


Trigrip Rubber Plates


Trigrip Rubber Plates


  • High-quality rubber encased, minimize noise, floor damage, and wear and tear on the plates themselves.
  • Sleek black in colour with a rough-textured exterior.
  • Equipped with convenient handles for various exercises.


Yanre Fitness present the highest quality tripgrip rubber plates that have the ultra-modern design to meet the needs of heavy exercises. The grip features three holes that make it very easy to be loaded onto the bars making them the most comfortable plates in the market. 

The premium-quality rubber material is used on these plats that offer great durability and strength. The core of these plates are made up of quality cast iron that provides the ultimate weight experience to the users. 

The hub of these plates is made up of stainless steel material that goes on and off the bats very comfortably. Our tripgrip rubber plates have a slip-resistive feature that makes them easy to grip. The brand name is engraved alongside the weight in KGs which further makes them great in look and style. 

These plates are covered with premium-quality rubber that not only makes them comfortable to grip but also makes them secure to provide pleasant exercise experiences. These plates are multipurpose and can be utilized with other gym equipment too. This makes them versatile for any kind of workout. 

Yanre Fitness’ tripgrip plates come in many options so that you can choose according to your needs. These are ideal for bar loading on any type of barbells including log, short, and curved ones. 

Make these plates a part of your workout space and enjoy their unlimited benefits. The users can gain flexibility, stamina, fitness, and muscle-building benefits by using these plates as weight tools. 

Key Features:

  • Improves muscle building. Do not crack and wear over time and are waterproof. 
  • Made up with quality cast iron material having a 2 inches hole in the center that can fit any kind of Olympic bar. 
  • The users can increase muscle flexibility and can perform multiple exercises like balance training, bodybuilding, and increasing endurance. 
  • The handles are easy to grip to provide safe and secure exercise experiences and it also fits the barbells very comfortably. 
  • Protects floor and equipment because of the rubber coating. 
  • Offers three textured grips to provide a safe and secure grip. 
  • Easy, convenient, and comfortable in use.


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