Triceps Weight Bar


Triceps Weight Bar


Triceps Weight Bar


Our triceps bars are manufactured using excellent quality steel reinforced using chrome plating. Their upper surface is smooth and prevents debris from sticking to the bar. It makes the bar easily cleanable and resists rusting. 

Its knurled handle has an ergonomically designed handle for a strong grip. The triceps weight bars are essential for those who want to strengthen upper-body mass. The basic muscle group targeted by the triceps bar are the triceps. 

However, it can also be used to target biceps, traps, and anterior deltoids. It can be done by changing the lifting angle. Due to this versatility, it is a popular choice in all commercial gyms and training centers. 

It is now common knowledge that all gym owners should invest in Triceps Weight Bars. The increasing popularity is because of their use in aggressive training. Although it looks easy at first glance, it is a great tool to challenge the triceps and biceps. 

Our manufacturing process is designed to cater to all the needs of the trainers. It starts with a detail-oriented construction. The structure is ergonomically designed and the attractive coating and finishing give the ultimate weight lifting experience. 

Turning, straining, and twisting one body part while training the other one is a common issue. With our efficiency-designed Triceps Weight Bar, forget about all those issues. Some of its noticeable features are the rectangular cage, vertical crossbars, and knurled sleeves. It gives you the required intensity and comfort for weight lifting exercises. 

Key Features:

  • Chrome plating
  • Manufactured using excellent quality steel. Strong enough to hold the required weight
  • Medium knurled handles provide strong, comfortable, and non-slip grip
  • Has rotating sleeves and ergonomically designed handles. Build triceps without straining the wrists, elbows, or forearms. 
  • Rectangular cage with vertical crossbars having rotatable sleeves and medium knurling


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