Slam Ball


Slam Ball


Slam Ball


A slam ball is a weighted ball that has a rubber coat on top. Its purpose is to develop & define the muscles. Yanre Fitness’ slam balls are sturdy, long-lasting & maintain their density & flight with use.

The outer surface has a tire-truck texture for a firm grip in sweaty conditions. The outer surface also has the weight class specification in white.

Slam balls are a versatile & durable strength training accessory. They can withstand high-intensity workout routines daily over long periods.

Our slam balls have a near-dead bounce to prevent any injuries or damage during use. The outer surface has a rubber coating that makes them easy to hold. There is little to no odor & the slam balls maintain their shape even with prolonged use. 

Using these balls involves slamming them in the ground repeatedly. There is almost no bounce or a dead bounce on impact to avoid injuries.

The versatile nature of Yanre Fitness slam balls enables their use as wall balls & in all standard slam ball exercises. 

They are suitable for users of all sizes, ages, & experience levels. Slam balls are the perfect gym accessory to build strength & stamina.

These multipurpose balls can perform ball slams, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, throws, air squats, bear claws, etc. With our innovative slam balls, you can localize your gluteal muscles, Quadriceps, hamstrings, forearms, & core muscles with ease.

They improve the tone & strength of all these muscle groups hence, improving your overall condition.

Slam balls have a durable rubber construction, making them easy to hold on to during core workouts. They are a great benefit & will transform any exercise routine.

Key Features:

  • Tire-track surface texture enables a firm hold on the ball.
  • Available in a range of weight loads.
  • A low or dead bounce promotes stability during use.
  • Quality materials & construction ensure a high-speed impact, maximum performance, & durability even with prolonged & regular use.
  • Slam balls are the perfect gym accessory for intense workouts sessions like Functional Training, strength training, & building coordination.

Benefits of Using Slam Balls:

  • The tire-track surface texture allows the user to have a stronghold on the ball during intense workouts, even in wet & sweaty conditions. 
  • The firm grip promotes safety during the workout session, so you can build strength, stamina, & develop your muscles.
  • The outer rubber coat is shock-absorbent & increases the durability of the slam ball. Slam on to achieve the perfect body of your dreams.
  • Slam balls are a versatile accessory suitable for standard workouts like squats or presses & for impactful squat throws to build strength, control & stamina.


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