Rubber round-head curl bar (fixed weight)


Rubber round-head curl bar (fixed weight)


Rubber Round Head Barbell Fixed Weight Curl


A fixed-weight round head rubber curl barbell is used for free-standing weightlifting exercises and curls. They are manufactured using solid steel and have precise calibration in terms of weight, construct angles and design. 

Our fixed barbells have an excellent quality rubber head and a steel handle with chrome finishing. The diameter of the handle ensures maximum grip strength. 

The precisely angled curl design minimizes wrist strain while improving biceps involvement while performing exercises. The weight head has a clearly printed weight value to ensure its visibility from a long distance.  

This commercial curl bar has a high tensile strength that shows its durability. It has precision knurling in the external and internal gripping spaces to ensure a comfortable and strong grip in all positions. 

Barbells are an important gym accessory so you should have them in your commercial gym. It can be used to target biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles while performing triceps stretching, skull crushers, and curling exercises. 

Key Features:

  • Precisely constructed chrome-plated steel bar that is guaranteed to last a long time
  • Manufactured using best quality rubber whose average life span is higher than all other economic plates. Has dead bounce features that protect the floor and nearby equipment
  • Little to no maintenance is required. The steel bar is hydraulically pressed and deeply welded with the steel head. 
  • Has an easy-grip and non-slip tube. 
  • Lightweight construction that can be easily carried around. 
  • The precise angles prevent external rotation which is a necessity in straight bars. 
  • The precisely curved shaft reduces injury risk by minimizing stress on wrists. 
  • The ergonomically designed curl bar reduces strain by keeping the elbows and wrists in a natural position. 
  • Precise angles activate more muscles and provide stability
  • More noise reduction as compared to iron or steel bars. 
  • Weight numbers mentioned on barbell head that does not fade or chip off
  • Rust-resistant even in a highly humid environment
  • The best accessory for muscle building and overall body strengthening.


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