Resistance Loop Exercise Bands


Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands are available in different resistance levels which makes them ideal whether the users are new to working out or a seasoned fitness warrior. RB01 extra light and light exercise bands are ideal for beginners, whilst the medium, heavy, and extremely heavy exercise bands are designed for intermediate and advanced strength training.


Resistance Loop Exercise Bands


  • 100 % genuine, eco-friendly latex, finding it easy on the skin yet pliable enough to get the job done
  • Loop bands are lightweight, portable bands that can wrap around any part of your body or sturdy surface.
  • Develop Balance and Coordination, perfect for Stretching and Flexibility
  • Don’t bring into contact with a sharp or abrasive object


The resistance loop exercise bands by Yanre Fitness are elastic and durable. These loop bands come in a variety of resistance strengths, ranging from extremely light to extremely heavy.

Using such bands helps to introduce variable resistance and dynamic movement to your existing conditioning and strength routine. Yanre resistance bands are suitable for all types of standing exercises.

In addition, these exercise bands also work well when attached with the strength training equipment i.e. squat racks and bench presses. The variable resistance levels of these bands make them ideal for different fitness/training routines.

Listed below are the workouts you can perform with resistance bands:

  • Powerlifting 
  • Weight lifting
  • Plyometrics 
  • Speed/Agility training 
  • Functional Training 
  • Jumping 
  • Flexibility
  • Stretching
  • Rehabilitation

Besides, buying a complete set of resistance loop bands tends to be cost-effective. With these bands, you can simply add variety, intensity, and progressive resistance options to your existing fitness routine. 

This resistance band kit can help you perform a full-body workout. This means you can train your shoulders, waist, glutes, arms, legs, chest, back, butt, and more. So, using these bands allow you to lose weight, tone your body, achieve fitness goals, and stay fit.

Each of these strength bands is a massive rubber band. These bands are harder to pull when extended. On the contrary, pulling these bands is easier when relaxed. 

You can achieve great power, acceleration, and speed by using resistance bands. This is so, as these bands allow you to increase the weight through the eccentric and concentric portions of a lift.

Both men and women can use these resistance bands irrespective of their fitness levels. These bands help to enhance the effectiveness of your workout. For instance, you can intensely perform lunges and jump squats.

Resistance bands also prove beneficial during physical therapy. In addition, trainers use these bands to improve the range of motion. If you want to increase power, strength, and flexibility use these bands during your regular workout regimen.

Key Features:

  • Constructed with a superior quality latex material, which offers extended durability and strength 
  • The bright and smooth finish is immune to cracks 
  • Skin-friendly and non-toxic materials
  • Helps improving coordination and balance 
  • An ideal choice for flexibility and stretching workouts
  • Suitable for both men and women irrespective of their fitness/workout level 
  • A good option for whole-body workouts i.e. legs, arms, back, glutes, and more 
  • Effortlessly perform high-level flexibility and stretching workouts


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