Olympic Swiss Bar


Olympic Swiss Bar


Olympic Swiss Bar


Olympic Swiss Bars are used to perform rowing and pressing movements. It exerts minimum stress on users’ shoulders, wrists, and elbows. Some of the many exercises performed using the Olympic swiss bar are bench presses, overhead presses, incline presses, triceps extensions, curls, and rows. 

It lets the user exercise using a perfectly balanced grip and offers four varying grip widths to perform multiple rowing and pressing exercises. Besides adding a training variety to all types of athletes, they are often recommended for those having shoulder problems. 

It can also be used for multiple lifting exercises such as bent-over rows, tricep extensions, bench presses, hammer curls, and many more. Olympic Swiss Bars are designed especially for assistance work or rehabilitation, so light weights are generally used with them. However, its maximum loading capacity is 150kg. 

Key Features: 

  • Our bar features four alternative grips. It allows users to have a neutral grip at varying angles depending on the type of exercises such as extensions, presses, and curls. 
  • It also provides versatility in the user’s grip width. 
  • Our bar’s loading sleeve has a diameter of 2 inches that makes it compatible with power racks and Olympic weight plates. 
  • The sleeve length is optimal for loading as much weight as you want. 
  • The maximum load-bearing capacity of our Olympic swiss bar is 400 pounds which makes it durable and stable. 
  • This lightweight bar with a high max load capacity is ideal for benches, skull crushers, rows, and curls. 
  • Every swiss bar is designed to minimize stress on shoulders during exercises with a wide motion range and during heavy workouts. 
  • They are also recommended to be used by people recovering from injuries or having restrained shoulder movement. 
  • It has varying degrees of natural and angled hollow grips to increase the versatility of your exercise. 
  • It also allows you to target different muscles during lifting exercises. It also reduces strain from the wrist and shoulders. 
  • Handle knurling improves the grip
  • Wide handle to accommodate small and large hands comfortably. 


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