Medicine Ball


Medicine Ball

Medicine ball improves muscular growth, enhances heart rate and burns more calories. It also improves hand-eye coordination for smooth sports motions. Also, the lightly textured surface improves grip and provides comfort. MB02 is an excellent accessory to use for most fitness activities because of the intense full-body movement involved in slamming and rapidly lifting.


Medicine Ball


Yanre Fitness’ medicine balls are softshell rubber balls that feature a rugged, textured surface to help you get an easy and firm grip. The grooved patterned surface of the ball provides a good aesthetic with a secure grip. 

It also offers you a good grip even when your hands are sweaty and wet during a workout. The medicine balls are a perfect exercising tool for building body strength, cardio endurance, and strengthening core muscles. 

The medicine balls from Yanre Fitness are highly engineered products that are designed for the toughest of explosive workouts. It features a durable thick rubber shell that can survive even with the high impact forces building by sudden tosses or slams. 

Its bounce-back design is perfect for various throwing and slamming routines or general athletic training. Yanre Fitness’ medicine balls are usable for conditioning workouts, CrossFit exercises, wood chops, overhead throws, twists, standing chest press throws, sit-up throws, and many more.   

Yanre Fitness’s medicine balls are applicable for any sport training because they can produce remarkable improvements in core conditioning as well as muscle strength. The balls help you to achieve your fitness goals whether you are targeting MMA, football, wrestling, aerobics, or just general floor exercises. 

Yanre Fitness offers medicine balls with a range of weights. The lighter-weight balls are ideal for getting a good cardio workout. The heavier balls are a good fit for strength training. The balls are a great stress reliever after a long hard working day as well.  

Key Features:

  • Applicable for both upper and lower body workouts
  • Perfect for traditional medicine ball workouts
  • Helps to improve muscle mass, power, and speed
  • Seamless rubber fabrication and no bounce design makes it ideal for slamming routines
  • The textured surface of the ball allows for a high-quality grip

Benefits of using Medicine Ball:

  • Develop core strength, overall balance, and coordination
  • Increase heart rate and helps to burn more calories
  • The no-bounce design enables the exercisers to develop explosive strength
  • Deep tissue massage improves flexibility, lessens muscle fatigue and tightness, and boosts performance


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