Massage Stick


Massage Stick


Massage Stick 


Massage sticks are the perfect way to relax & treat sore muscles yourself. Yanre Fitness’ massage stick is a user-friendly & versatile tool for self-massage.

The ridge-shaped design massages the muscles by rolling & compression to provide the maximum benefit. Our innovative massage sticks revitalize the body & ready it for the fitness routine ahead.

Massage sticks are a great way of self-care. They allow you to target the upper body, glutes, lower limbs & feet with ease.

Athletes, sports personnel, & medical professionals alike use & endorse massage sticks. It can work similarly to a cellulite roller to relieve sore muscles & work out the knots. 

Our roller massage stick is the best way to decrease muscle tension, improve circulation, & minimize injuries.

The special design with sizable knobs provides deep tissue massage, tight fascia blast & breaks cellulite.

It massages & loosens tight fascial tissue to give you a visibly smooth & robust body.

The massage sticks at Yanre Fitness are perfect for myofascial release, as well. You can use them before & after your fitness routine or even during it, to get the most benefit.

They allow you to target any muscle group by providing deep tissue massage & relieving the knots with ease.

Before starting your fitness routine, use our massage stick to improve circulation & warm-up. After you are done, use it to massage sore muscles & work out the knots to avoid injuries. It is easy to use it all over the body.

Our massage sticks are lightweight & portable. You can store them at home or in your gym or sports bag.

Key Features:

  • Commercial-grade, durable construction that lasts a long time.
  • Adaptable, lightweight, & easy to move.
  • Slip-resistant handles ensure a firm grip.
  • The product is available in six different color options.

Benefits of Massage Sticks

  • Massage sticks have quality construction & materials with a unique ridged design.
  • Perfect for deep tissue massage to relieve knots in sore muscles.
  • The handles are slip-resistant to provide a firm & secure grip during use.
  • The best way to de-stress & improve blood circulation.


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