Home Adjustable Weight Bench


Home Adjustable Weight Bench


Adjustable Weight Benches


The adjustable weight benches at Yanre strength offer seven adjustment levels. The angle of this bench is easy & quick to change without breaking the continuity of the workout routine.

The users can set the bench according to their routine in either flat, incline, or decline positions. It is usable for lifting or for performing crunches & curls to target the chest muscles (the pectorals).

Our adjustable weight benches are versatile pieces of fitness equipment. They are easily portable all around the gym. The HM-185 is usable as a bench for smith machines, power racks to perform incline presses, or a dumbbell rack for chest presses & chest flies.

The three-legged adjustable benches are surprisingly stable on all kinds of gym flooring for new & experienced users alike. Whether the gym floor is level or slightly uneven, our adjustable weight bench will provide a stable base for all sorts of workouts.

The construction & upholstery use quality materials like high-grade steel, dense foam & plywood for the backing.

If you want custom padding or frame color, look no further. We are here to accommodate all your needs & specifications. You can match the adjustable weight benches to the equipment you already have at your gym, as well.

The seat-pad of 2.5-inch thickness is neither too firm nor too soft. It provides the ideal support during use. The dense foam is breathable & moisture-resistant.

Contact us at Yanrestrength.com to browse our complete range of powder coating options & frame colors. Custom options for color are also possible at a fraction of the cost.

Key Features:

  • Usable with a smith machine, power rack, or dumbbell rack as a bench
  • Seven levels for angle adjustment
  • A three-legged base gives stability on any form of gym flooring
  • Easily portable
  • Thick, high-density foam padding for upholstery
  • Hard-wearing even in salt air
  • Custom & standard options for frame color
  • Adjustability & functionality
  • User-friendly design
  • High level of convenience


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