Hex Bar 72

HEX 72

Hex Bar 72


Hex Bar 72


  • 2 ball bearing and 2 bushing
  • This hex bar is strong and sturdy and able to withstand a consistent beating without getting damaged or simply falling apart.
  • Hex bars are perfect as you can grip heavy loads without tiring out your grip.
  • For intense, high-rep training, these bushings dramatically minimize friction to both provide a reliable spin and help extend the shelf life of the bar itself.
  • The bar sleeves are precision welded to eliminate failure.
  • The weld is semi-concealed to not interfere with plates resting flush against the sleeve collar.


Also known as a shrug bar, trap bar, or deadlift bar, the HEX 72 bar is an ideal option for deadlifts. This bar is particularly ideal for those with lower back pain. 

While using HEX 72 bar, the body stays in the middle of this bar. Hence, you feel less stress when performing deadlifts. Forged from high-quality steel, the Yanre Strength HEX 72 bar offers maximum durability.

After welding all the pieces, this bar turns into a sturdy one-piece bar. It performs well for deadlifts and heavy shoulder shrugs. The HEX 72 Bar by Yanre Fitness is a viable choice for those who are looking to switch from traditional deadlift.

The HEX 72 bar lowers the amount of stress on your lower back. It also makes it possible to keep the bar close to your body. As a result, you can target similar muscle groups. 

This bar proves to be effective for extensive training. Besides, it is also a suitable choice for beginners. Apart from being fully rackable, the Hex 72 bar works well with Olympic diameter collars.

The raised handles of this bar come with a specific knurling pattern. It offers a strong grip, which helps to handle heavy weights even with sweaty hands. 

This hex 72 bar has two grips including high and low. You can choose the grip of your choice depending on the type of workout. 

Each of its handles helps to keep the hands in a required position. Hence, the bar stays close to the body. It ensures a more comfortable, ergonomic, and secure lift. 

Key Features:

  • Highly suitable for deadlifts and shrugs
  • One-piece design with strong welds
  • Elegant chrome sleeve finish
  • Compatible with all types of Olympic plates
  • Availability of both low and high handles ensures a neutral grip for comfortable lifting
  • Offers a secure and sturdy grip due to its aggressive knurling pattern


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