Gymnastic Ring


Gymnastic Ring


Gymnastic Ring


The wooden gym rings and nylon straps from Yanre Fitness are durable. It is for tough workouts in busy fitness centers. Our wooden gym rings help establish the quality expected from Yanre Fitness clients.

The concept is, when a client uses our gym rings, it would feel like something made for each individual. The texture and welds are superb. The user will be sure that they have purchased a piece of premium-quality equipment made in China.

Each ring surface is sanded down and buffed, which gives it a non-slip, comfortable grip. The wooden rings can also be used with chalk or without chalk.

The straps are adjustable during exercises making each workout perfect for different heights. The weight rating for cam buckles and straps combined is one thousand pounds. This combined weight is for each side and is of the utmost importance to safety in any environment.

Gymnastic rings are very adaptable. They are mobile, and the rings are also easily assembled to a wooden beam or anchor point.

The rings are quite easy to assemble onto a squat rack or tree branch. It should be able to handle the user’s weight safely. By utilizing one’s body weight with the gymnastic ring, it is an effective way to build raw strength. And lean muscle is built with minimum investment in equipment.

The advantages of wooden rings over plastic rings usually refer to ABS or Synthetic. The plastic ring tends to be smoother and makes it necessary for chalk.

The wooden ring can absorb oils and sweat from the hands. The wooden rings make it suitable for anti-slip exercises. Chalk can also be used on the wooden rings to give them a better grip. Wooden rings are slightly heavier than plastic rings and this would make for a more secure feel.


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