Gym Floor — GMRB Series


Gym Floor — GMRB Series

Gym Floor easily transforms hard floors into a pleasant, impact-absorbing workout surface. The thickness of the gym floor protects the floors against scratches and dents from heavy machinery. GMRB Series features two layers of support, first is the rubber top layer with high-density foam and the bottom layer creates the perfect shock-absorbent and non-slip surface.


Gym Floor — GMRB Series


The Gym Floor—GMRB Series by Yanre Fitness are non-slip and sturdy interlocking tiles. These tiles are a great choice for the weight room, especially next to racks and benches. 

These are the areas where gym members usually drop barbells, weight plates, kettlebells, or dumbbells. Apart from serving as a highly durable and long-lasting gym flooring option, these tiles are affordable too.

Due to their Interlocking design, installing these tiles is super easy. Besides, there is no need to apply any adhesives. For installing these tiles on the walls, make sure to use straightedge borders.

In addition, it is possible to cut these tiles for a custom fit. Yanre’s gym floor-GMRB Series is an ideal choice for numerous environments. Some of them include:

  • Garage gyms
  • Fitness studios
  • Military gyms 
  • Commercial/private gyms
  • Professional sports complexes
  • High traffic walkways
  • Ice hockey and ice skating rinks

The interlock puzzle design of these padded gym floor tiles makes it possible to create a square, rectangle, or any other required shape. The gym owners can expand the area by adding more tiles and offer extended protection to the gym floor. 

Made of EVA foam, these tiles are capable of absorbing maximum shock. Hence, the gym floor stays protected from heavy equipment and dropped weights. Apart from being water-resistant, the textured surface of these tiles prevents slipping. 

Key Features

  • Prevents the gym floor and exercise equipment from shocks, scrapes, and bumps 
  • Padded tiles are also suitable for playroom, nursery, or playground
  • Water-resistant and shock-absorbing 
  • Textured and non-slip surface avoids slipping, even if the users are wearing socks

Benefits of using Gym Floor — GMRB Series

  1. Offers maximum protection against scratches, dents, and scuffs, especially when using for commercial gyms
  2. Helps to make a safe playing area for kids
  3. Provide a comfortable, anti-slip, and soft surface for the users to do their Pilates, yoga, or push-ups
  4. Free from lead, phthalates, latex, and other non-toxic materials
  5. These gym floor mats are odorless too 


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