• Bar weight 10kg.
  • Shaft diameter 28mm.
  • Knurl depth 1.2mm.
  • Bar length 1200mm.
  • Loadable sleeve length 170mm.
  • Shaft coating hard chrome.
  • Sleeve coating hard chrome
  • Bearings/bushings 4 needle bearings
  • Tensile strength 45,000 PSI
  • Max load 300lbs/136kg


This high-quality EZ Bar by Yanre Fitness is a durable as well as affordable gym accessory. It helps the users to stay healthy, fit, and active. Made from high tensile strength steel (45,000 PSI), this bar has a weight capacity of 300lbs. 

With 28mm diameter, the gripping area of this bar is suitable for all types of hands. Besides, the diamond knurl is aggressive too, which ensures a firm grip when doing curl bar exercise. 

This Olympic curl bar comes with a durable sleeve coating and corrosion-resistant bushings. As a result, it offers a smooth spin for additional strength and durability. 

Our top-notch Olympic curl bar has both wide and narrow grips. It helps to isolate the target muscle head and lowers stress on the wrist joint. 

The user can take advantage of narrow grip while doing standing bicep curls or isolating the outer bicep heads. On the contrary, the wide grip allows keeping the elbows in to hit the inner heads.

It is possible to perform wide or narrow extensions while standing, sitting upright, or lying on a weight bench. For biceps, the user can try various grip variations. 

This is a common practice for complete tricep development by isolating outer, mid, and inner heads. Another popular EZ curl bar comes with reverse grip curls. 

This bar is highly effective for developing outer forearm muscles. The basic purpose of developing this bar was to assist gym users to enhance strength, definition, and upper arm mass. 

The EZ bar is an essential gym accessory that helps to isolate and intensify the development of the forearm muscles and bicep. This bar doesn’t cause discomfort to the wrist and elbow. 

The solid steel construction allows this Olympic EZ Curl Bar to withstand maximum weight. Hence, it serves as a suitable accessory for almost every commercial gym. 

The chrome-coated shaft and rotating sleeves put less stress on the wrists and hands. In addition, its non-slip grip ensures secure handling.

Key Features:

  • Constructed with solid steel 
  • Corrosion-resistant chromed surface
  • Anti-slip knurled handle for a tight grip 
  • A high-quality finish for amazing looks 
  • Hard chrome coating sleeve 
  • Weight capacity: 136kg 
  • Shaft diameter: 28mm
  • Knurl depth: 1.2mm.
  • Bar length: 1200mm.


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