Adjustable Weight Vest


Adjustable Weight Vest

Adjustable Weight Vest helps users to burn more calories, gain muscle, and improve speed. By removing or adding the supplied weights, users may achieve perfect resistance. Moreover, vests with adjustable weights are intended to meet the resistance and challenge needs of both novice and experienced trainers.


Adjustable Weight Vest


  • The Resistance weighted vest training including Pull-ups, Climbing, Functional Training exercises, Dragging, Chopping, Punching, Crawling.
  • Fully Padded body and shoulders, Moisture-Resistant.
  • Security belt and padding for secure comfortable fit.
  • One size fits Most.
  • Round Corners on weights prevent wear and tear on pockets.


Adjustable Weight Vest is a versatile piece of equipment used in commercial gyms to add additional weight to the user’s body during exercise. It is commonly used in athletic training, cross-fit training, and to improve players’ performance in sports. 

The idea behind using a weighted vest is to expose the body with more weight than it is familiar with handling. This extra weight increases the user’s stamina, strength, power, explosiveness, lung capacity, and speed. In this way, muscles have to exert more force to lift that added weight and the heart has to pump blood harder. This extraneous exercise leads to better results as compared to exercises performed using this additional weight. 

When users train their body with this additional weight during training season, all their body systems such as respiratory, circulatory, and cardiopulmonary, start working at the same level even without that additional weight. This enhanced performance gives better results in sports. 

In some gym training, it is hazardous to lift beyond a certain weight range such as in barbell lifting, however, this issue is minimized in the case of an adjustable weighted vest. Since a weighted vest is close to your upper body and does not restrict the free movement of the torso and arms, you can add resistance to your training without affecting the biomechanics of your body. 

A weighted vest is used for a variety of purposes in a commercial gym such as lunges, squats, pull-ups, dips, burpees, hand walks, and push-ups. It can also be used in conjunction with other gym equipment to attain fitness goals in less time. For instance, users can wear it while running on a treadmill to add more weight resistance. 

The weight of the vest can be increased or decreased by adding and removing the weight in the pockets of the vest. These durable pockets are present at the front and back of the vest. 

Our weighted vest has an ergonomic design that can be customized according to the shape of the user’s chest and torso. The pockets are placed in an appropriate position that provides an optimum center of gravity and reduces the movement of the vest during exercise. 

The weight adjustability makes this gym accessory usable by all types of trainers ranging from beginners to experts. Beginners can start by using minimum to no weight in the pocket and gradually start adding more weight. Whereas, experts can load as much weight as they are accustomed to. 

Key Features:

  • Easy to use 
  • Patented design and fabric 
  • Commercial quality professional weighted vest. 
  • Designed with open sides for better ventilation 
  • Odor-resistant, comfortable, and cool fabric 
  • Similar front and back design to secure the body 
  • Versatile due to adjustable weights according to skills level.


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