Zero Gap Adjustable Bench


Zero Gap Adjustable Bench


Zero Gap Adjustable Bench


Our benches can be adjusted to combine three utility benches into one bench. These (FID)benches can be adjusted by an easy-to-use pop-pin feature. Our benches are flat, with a decline and an incline. The bench can be adjusted to various angles by a back seat as well as a bottom seat. These adjustments accommodate the back angles. 

Being able to adjust with these many angles will allow for endless dumbbells as well as Smith machine workouts. This includes the barbell workouts performed with the power rack. With the footrest being removable, the user will not slide out from the bench while pressing in a declined position or either sit-up. 

These benches for weightlifting are so versatile that they will surely be a favorite in any gym. Being mobile makes it even more spectacular. Every bench has a handle in front and rollers at the back to make moving around the gym much easier.

Being an adjustable bench that is so versatile, it will surely be a terrible shame should the stability and the quality be not up to standard. Well, not with our benches! Our benches are made to handle all situations. From the structural tubing made from steel to the superb tensile strength. With the dense padding made from rebond foam, you will not find a more versatile bench that can offer a true feeling of security while heavy lifts are being performed.

With the traditional benches that are adjustable, it is well known that the pad gaps have been an annoying feature. Well, our HG-83 has been totally transformed and is not what would be expected from traditional benches.

With our patent-issued, unique feature of an adjusted mechanism, there are no pad gaps in any position. With our unique design, the HG-83 has no gap between the seats, and it can slide against the frame. This will eliminate the gap that makes workouts uncomfortable, as found on most competitors’ products.

Key Features:

  • A unique bearing and pop-pin system that can eliminate the gaps between the back pad and the seat 
  • Durability and full adjustability 
  • Seat pads and back pads adjustments made with the laser-cut markings on wear guard that is stainless steel 
  • The bottom feet are rubber gripped, non-slip wheels to move freely 
  • Usable on power racks, smith machines, and dumbbells 
  • A frame that does not require maintenance, is completely welded and will not loosen
  • Commercial quality can introduce to all environments
  • Can be moved around fitness center as it is mobile


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